Basket Rattle / Caxixi

Basket Rattle / Caxixi
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In stock, immediate despatch

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This Basket Rattle or Caxixi (pronounce ka-shee-shee) is a shaker that makes a wonderful first percussion instrument for young children.

Colourful, easy to hold and made from very strong natural materials, the Basket Rattle is popular with children and adults alike.

A best selling hand percussion instrument that looks and sounds great! The basket rattle or caxixi is made from a basket with a gourd sealing the end, and is filled with seeds.

More Details about Basket Rattle or Caxixi

How to play the caxixi: Hold the caxixi or basket rattle in one hand and shake up and down, or tap against the palm of your other hand to produce a beat.

Size: 15cm, 9cm

Product Materials: Rattan, Paint, Coconut

Age Group: 3 +

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The Caxixi (pronounced Ka-shee-shee) is a musical instrument of ancient African origin. Because of its lively sound, it was once used to summon enchanted spirits and scare evil away. Caxixi is a reed basket, woven by hand, with a gourd disc in the bottom, filled with either seeds or peebles or a small bell. Caxixi can be used as a rattle of as a pair to product intoxicating rhythms.

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